Much of my platform can be summed up in one word – transparency. In an open system – a transparent one – people are empowered by wealth of knowledge which means they can make informed choices to better themselves.

A closed system where citizens have to fight for information is not a system that is representing the people, or one that is working for people.

Almost every piece of legislation I’ve had introduced, and fought for, ┬áis giving citizens transparency. In 2016, I had a bill introduced, coined “Maryland Open Letters Act;” it’s a piece of legislation that puts position letters ( support or oppose) online with the bills and the vote counts.

It’s important for citizens to be able to see those position letters as they may not be aware that they are financially supporting a group, association, or organization that doesn’t match their beliefs in Annapolis.

I’ve had experience in seeing how other state legislatures operate, and to be honest, they operate more effectively than Maryland.

A huge part of the problem with our General Assembly is how it operates.

I’ve been successful in lobbying mainly because I’ve been transparent, and educated people on issues that matter to them. As your Senator, you can count on me to fight with everything I have to pass legislation that will provide you with State Government transparency, and work tirelessly to reform how the Maryland General Assembly operates so that it truly represents the people over special interests and lobbyists. You can count on me to keep you informed of actual bills, vote counts, and position letters.

You are my priority. I am your voice Amplified in Annapolis.