“I am running for state senate to place people as a priority on our legislative agenda. Politics as we know it has failed us; politicians have failed us; they no longer relate to the struggles and barriers the people face. I intend to give the people of district 36, as well as Marylanders across the state, a seat at the table in our legislative process.”

Sinclair’s message is simple and to the point – “Rise together.”

She intends to continue to be the voice of the people amplified in Annapolis by addressing issues as they arise and are brought to her attention by researching the specific issue in depth, working toward a practical solution and implementing it by introducing and passing meaningful people-center bills as she has done previously in multiple states.


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Heather Lynette Sinclair, a Kent County resident and victims’ and consumer rights activist, citizen lobbyist and juvenile trafficking survivor, has announced she is running for Maryland State Senate, District 36.

This isn’t Sinclair’s first journey into the the political arena; in just a few years she has had 18 bills introduced in several states. has had 7 of them successfully pass the state legislature and signed into law by the governor and has worked with legislators across the country on similar bills.

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Heather intends to aggressively hit the campaign trail running. She will be meeting and listening to the people of her district as well as any Marylander who wishes to play an active role in the representation of our state. Check back often to see where you can meet up with her and share your thoughts.

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Latest News

Eastern Shore Born and Raised.

Heather Lynette Sinclair, born and raised on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, in Salisbury, is a single mom of two boys who enjoys cutting loose a bit when not involved in political activities. You can often find her on Facebook doing live videos giving her friends a glimpse of her life outside of the political arena. Her “Ratchet Cooking Show” has become quite popular as she throws together dollar store ingredients to whip up a delicious and inexpensive meal. Her “Hump Days with Heather” show has developed a loyal following that has become very engaging as she discusses issues such as health care, understanding consent, homelessness in Maryland, and even things that go bump in the night.

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Authority: Citizens for Heather Sinclair, Patrick Rosnack, Treasurer.